Disney Corporate Communication

Disney’s Corporate Communication Course is a college course which uses case studies, theories and various verbal and written assignments to explore how global companies communicate with key internal and external audiences.

What is the time commitment?


Is there group work required?


What are my responsibilities?


What about my work schedule?

This course is four hours once per week for 11 weeks.

There will also be group work, readings, and assignments that you will need to complete.


Yes.  There is both individual and group assignments as part of this course.  

This includes group discussion, case studies, news reports, press release, blogs, tweets, and a group presentation.



Attend Class

Actively Participate

Complete assignments on time





Your work schedule will be adjusted to allow you two hours of travel time before and after the course.  It’s possible that you will be scheduled to work on the same day that you have class. 

If you have a conflict, it’s possible to attend another section that is offered in a different day of the week with the permission of your instructor. 

By registering for this course, your work schedule will be capped at 45 hours per week to provide you sufficient time for your work schedule, course work, and social activities.