Disney Exploration Seminars

  • Open Registration
  • 4 weeks, 2 hours per week
  • Disneyland Resort
  • Topics subject to change

Earn A Mouseters Degree!
Attend all four sessions, and be eligible to receive a Mouseters Degree!

Disney Exploration Seminars are integrated series' exploring the various elements of our business. Each seminar is made up of four two-hour classes that provide more in-depth knowledge of each area, and may include guest speakers and/or field experiences.
Participants who register for these topics are expected to attend all four weeks of content, and are limited to no more than two topics per 4-week term.

Potential Topics may include:
- Environmentality & Citizenship
- Marketing & Sales
- Hospitality & Guest Services
- Leadership 101

Who should consider entering the lottery for these seminars?
Participants looking for in-depth knowledge of how Disney operates, learning intricate details of the operation, the processes, and the people that perform these tasks every day. While there may be an opportunity to network with some of the guest speakers, the Disney Exploration Seminars are not designed for career networking.
How do participants register for a Disney Exploration Seminar?
Registration for the Disney Exploration Seminars is open to all those in the Disneyland College Program, on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Will participants be scheduled off from work to attend class?
For those participants who register during our official registration period, we will partner with their schedulers to ensure they have time off from work to attend class each week. They will be responsible for proactively checking their schedule to ensure that time off was granted and reporting any scheduling conflicts to the Education Office.