Career + Life Prep

Come explore the career development opportunities exclusive to program participants:
Career Development Classes
Career 1:1 Sessions
These classes provide program participants with information, tools, and resources for their career development.  Topics include resume writing, interviewing, personal branding, and networking.
Provides participants with one-on-one assistance to help them prepare for the next steps in their career journey.  This includes resume review, mock interviews, and networking advice.
1-2 hours in length, based on topic 30 min - 1 hour, based on activity
Who should consider participating in Career Support?
Participants looking for a more individualized, small group approach to career development.
How do I register?
Registration for these opportunities are  open to all interested participants.  Check the weekly emails for upcoming days & times.
Will participants be scheduled off from work to attend class?
Participants will need to register for sessions that do not overlap with their work schedule, as we are not able to adjust your schedule for these offerings.