Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - Summer 2019

Q: Why are collegiate classes no longer being offered?
A: With the onboarding of the new learning offerings of Exploring Disney and Career Connection, collegiate offerings are being retired. 
Q: My university has given me a plan of study that included one or more Disney collegiate courses. What do I do now to earn credit?
A: We recommend speaking with your academic advisor as soon as possible.  Your academic advisor may be able to help you come up with an alternative plan for you to earn credit through your home institution.  The Disney Internships & Programs Team has designed some potential opportunities for your institution could use to provide you credit during your program.  For more information, please click here.
Q: When will we know what specific topics are being offered for Disney Exploration Seminars?
A: A listing of available seminars will be provided at the beginning of January 2019.
Q: Where and how do I register?
A: A link will be provided to the registration site at a later time, along with directions for registration.  Please check your email regularly for updates.
Q: How much do I have to pay to participate in the Disney courses?
A: All of our offerings are free and are included in your Program Participant Fees.
Q: How many offerings can I register for?
A:  You may be registered for no more than two offerings within a week.  This includes any combination of Exploring Disney, Career Connection, and Independent Study Hall (at WDW only) offerings.  You are able to register for multiple offerings throughout your program provided that you do not exceed the two offerings per week cap.  
Disneyland® Resort Program participants are REQUIRED to participate in offerings throughout their program.  Additional details about requirements will be provided in early January’s registration message.
Q: Do I need any documentation or other information ready when I register?
A:  For Independent Study Hall, you will need a copy of your unofficial transcript, class schedule, or other university documentation that clearly shows the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Your University
  • Academic term/academic term dates
  • Class or classes you are taking for which you are requesting for Independent Study Hall time

You will provide this information via a survey link available to you in your confirmation email. All other offerings do not require additional information at point of registration.

Q: Will Disney Exploration Seminars be a lottery style registration? If so, can you explain the process?
A:  Disney Exploration Seminars will be a lottery style registration at Walt Disney World® Resort only.  Registration for Disney Exploration Seminars will be first come first serve at Disneyland® Resort. 

Lottery registration is where participants can choose to waitlist for the offerings they are most interested in taking.  Selections by all participants are placed into a lottery and selected at random.  You can enter the lottery for only one seminar in Term A and one in Term B. You could be selected for one, both, or neither section during the randomized drawing.

Q: Am I required to participate in any of these Disney educational offerings?
A:  At the Walt Disney World® Resort, Disney College Program participants are not required to participate in any of our educational offerings – unless their home university or sponsor university requires that they do so.

At the Disneyland Resort®, all Disney College Program participants must register, attend, participate, and successfully complete Disney educational offerings.