Organizational Leadership

11 weeks, 4 hours per week

Walt Disney World Resort

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Tomorrow’s leaders must be familiar with leadership theories and be able to apply them. The Organizational Leadership course builds leadership knowledge and skills on a personal level and within a corporate culture by incorporating theory as well as the student’s work experience at Disney.

Learning Objectives
- Explore leadership theory and research and discuss application in the participants’ current work situations.
- Develop deep understanding of a particular leadership approach, work validated in group paper and presentation.
- Experience leadership skills first hand through participation in all of the organizational leadership classes and activities.     
- Collaborate in a diverse learning community for the inclusive, free and open expression of leadership insight from multiple points of view.
- Assess and examine personal beliefs, styles, and leadership behaviors to increase self-awareness, self-control, and social awareness of impact on others.

Assessments & Grading

- Leadership Interviews

- Leadership Journey Paper

- Team Research Paper

- Team Case Study Presentation

- Learning Assessments

- Attendance (which is required; a max of two absences are allowed)

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