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The Walt Disney Company ("Disney") makes available certain Company-provided platforms and tools ("Platforms") that enable employees and other authorized individuals ("you") to access and share content from a computer or mobile device - with or without being on the Disney network. These Platforms are for authorized use only. All activity and communications on the Platforms, even if password-protected, may be monitored, recorded, and disclosed subject to applicable law. Use of the Platforms is governed by all applicable Disney policies. Any unauthorized use of any Platform may result in termination of access, disciplinary action up to and including employment termination, and/or legal action. Any unauthorized or inappropriate use of this system by a non-employee (Company's customers, supplies, or third party) may result in termination of this system and may subject the non-employee to other legal action by the Company. By clicking the "Login" button on this page, you are expressly consenting to these terms. Pursuant to Disney policies, you must promptly report to Global Information Security ("GIS") any known or suspected loss or unauthorized disclosure of Company information. You must not store Confidential-Restricted data, such as credit card data or sensitive personal data, on any Platform unless expressly approved by GIS. You understand that your personal data including your name and Disney email address may be sent to Platform providers in order to create and administer your account. The Platform provider may transfer your personal data and any posted content outside of your local territory.