Independent Study Hall

Need time to complete an online course?  Independent Study Hall may be right for you.
This offering provides dedicated study time each week to complete assignments for your online courses, ensuring you have time scheduled off from work.
To take advantage of this opportunity, you must complete all of these steps:
  1. During Independent Study Hall enrollment period, visit the Program Activities Calendar to view the day/time slots available that you wish to have scheduled off to complete your online course. You are limited to one day/time; if you need an additional block of time, please inquire and request for this accommodation in your message..
  2. Once you have viewed and chosen the day/time you wish to have Independent Study Hall, please submit a request via When submitting your request, please select the following options
    1. General Internship/Program Question
    2. Education/Learning Component
    3. Class Registration
    4. In the subject line please write “Independent Study Hall Enrollment”
    5. In the details of your request please be sure to include the day/time you wish for your Independent Study Hall to take place, as well as required documentation to show your enrollment in courses.
      • Required documentation includes a copy of your unofficial transcript, class schedule, or other university documentation that clearly shows the following information:
        • Your Name
        • Your University
        • Academic term/academic term dates
        • List of the class or classes you are taking for which you are requesting for Independent Study Hall time   
  3. Once we have received and approved your uploaded documentation, you will receive a confirmation email of your enrollment in your chosen section.  
  4. Study!
Key Information on Independent Study Hall:
  • You will receive an invitation for at least one check-in during your course.  This is not to track your progress or your grade, but to keep you connected and have someone to talk to, if needed, about your online course.
  • Your registration will be multi-week, 2 hours per week, excluding any dates that occur during a 'no offering period.'  For a complete list of dates covered, please click here
  • Registering for Independent Study Hall may cap your maximum work hours per week to 45 hours, excluding dates during the 'no offering period.'  For a complete list of dates covered, please click here.
  • You are only allowed to be registered for two offerings or events per week, including Independent Study Hall.  Be mindful in your planning.
  • Independent Study Hall is available Monday-Thursday, 9:00a-11:00a ET or 1:00p-3:00p ET.  You will be able to select one two-hour block of time during the registration process. 
If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please contact us at